Norah Harte-Hogan is the illustrator and designer behind From The Harte.

Norah designs greeting cards, art prints, custom prints and homeware from her studio in Kilcullen, County Kildare. Her versatile designs are inspired by the beauty of the natural world as well as her background in design and illustration. She has a degree in Visual Communications, a Masters in Modern and Contemporary Art History and is a qualified secondary school art teacher, having taught secondary school art since 2011.

Her work typically contains strong graphic illustrations and bold colour schemes and is a unique combination of hand-drawn traditional illustration and contemporary digital illustration practices. She strives to create illustrations that ignite the power of a positive memory, commemmorate our past and celebrate our present and future by transforming areas of local interest into colourful, graphic pieces of art.

Norah is a proud member of the prestigious Original Kildare art collective, a multidisciplinary arts and crafts collective bringing together some of the finest professional designers and craftspeople in County Kildare. Founded in 2020, the group was set up with the aim of fostering the creativity and exceptional talent of Kildare’s craftspeople and promoting their work to a wider audience.

Norah is passionate about creating sustainable designs to last. Everything she designs, including her greeting cards are designed to be pieces of art, and can be framed and treasured for life.

Prices for cards begin at €3.50 while completely bespoke designs begin at €75, so there is something for every budget!

For daily updates and videos and photos of her process, check out her Instagram page @fromthehartestore.


Norah uses a combination of mediums for my work, including traditional hand-drawn illustration, painting, photography and digital design and illustration.

Her process begins with the simplest of things: an idea.

Depending on the idea, she creates a traditional sketch or in the case of the local landmark series, designing begins with a photograph.

Images are then worked on using a combination of digital platforms so that colours can be developed and adjusted, textures and typography added as desired.

Finished designs are distinctively bright, playful, contemporary and graphic. Norah's background in Visual Communications is evident in her use of bold colour schemes and clean, strong contrast. Her Masters in Modern and Contemporary Art History can be seen through her vibrant, Pop Art inspired landscapes.

Norah's process has developed over time to culminate in original pieces that are distinctive and unique, bold in both colour and design.

Having moved a lot around Ireland as both a child and an adult, Norah's work explores how our environments and the places around us are intrinsically tied to memories of our lives and those we love. Her Local Landmark series attempts to capture the essence of her locality through an expressive use of colour and graphic illustrative style.

Norah also creates bespoke commissions to allow her customers to purchase artwork that holds personal meaning, from photographs of their favourite places in Ireland or indeed anywhere they have travelled or have a connection to.

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Norah lives in Kilcullen in County Kildare, Ireland with her husband and son. She loves family life and when she is not spending time with her young son, she is upstairs in her studio sketching and experimenting.

Her other passions are coffee, (a French Press being her method of choice) reading fantasy novels and attending her local fitness class for mums. She is also a tattoo enthusiast and a lover of alternative music and podcasts. 

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